Liverpool Ice Festival

With only four weeks to go until Christmas (four weeks!! How did that happen?!) the festive spirit is definitely in the air Chez FoodieLiverpoolEats. I’ve been listening to my Christmas playlist since the beginning of November and I’m itching to get the Christmas decorations out of the loft. I absolutely love a Christmas activity so when I found out that the Ice Festival was back, I recruited some friends for a Saturday of fun!

The first thing to mention is that if you go to the ice bar, and I recommend that you do, you get a fabulous poncho which makes you look like a jacket potato. As incredibly mature adults (apparently) we found that particularly amusing and kept them on all day so if you saw four 30 years olds walking through town on Saturday afternoon dressed in tinfoil, it was definitely us!

Photo 22-11-2017, 13 53 37 (1)

Jacket potato vibes!

The Ice Bar this year has an Enchanted Forest theme and the frozen sculptures, some of which took up to 200 hours to carve, are amazingly intricate.

Photo 16-11-2017, 15 38 17

The Ice Bar

Photo 16-11-2017, 15 39 54

The Tree of Truth- inspired by Rome’s Mouth of Truth

Photo 16-11-2017, 15 39 20

Seating area- lovely place to hold a meeting!

Photo 16-11-2017, 15 39 30

Modelled on the throne from The Huntsman: Winter’s War, the ice throne provides a great photo opportunity

But there’s more! This year’s ice skating rink is 25% bigger and the 100ft ice slide has an extra lane for even more icy fun! The ice slide was brilliant and the views are spectacular. I’d insert a picture here but I didn’t take one, we were too busy running back up to the top to slide down again!

Ice festival

Not only are the activities great but the Christmas market stalls are fantastic. The smell of mulled wine is in the air and there’s melted chocolate all around. The Après Lodge had a great DJ and was really busy, a fantastic chill out area for when you need a little rest from all the fun!

Liverpool Christmas Ice Festival runs through Christmas and New Year until 7 January.


If you would like to invite the Foodie Liverpool Eats team down to your restaurant, bar or eatery in or around Liverpool feel free to email us now,

Ice Festival Liverpool


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