Our Kitchen, Liverpool

My diet during December could be referred to as “drunken unattended child at a birthday party”. I eat far too much sugar, drink far too much booze and push both my liver and pancreas to the limit. So, when we were invited down to try the new and expanded menu at Our Kitchen, I could hear my arteries breathing a sigh of relief.

Founded only a year ago by Tara Maguire, Our Kitchen is already expanding, keen to continue catering for the influx of guests it has seen over the past twelve months. The food is fresh, wholesome and completely delicious. And in this case, healthy is definitely not a synonym for boring. The food is rich without being cloying and the variety of dishes on the menu will cater to even the most picky of customers (which we certainly are not!).

Our Kitchen does a great small plate selection, with three small plates for £12.95, along with sharing platters and Buddah bowls. We started with some hummus whilst we perused the menu and it was really delicious, dressed with chickpeas and a really nice, chunky consistency, not too homogeneously smooth like some shop bought hummuses.

Our Kitchen hummus.jpg

Our Kitchen Hummus

We ordered seven small plates between three of us, along with some nachos to share (eyes way bigger than tummies!). The menu provides  a range of veggie, fish and meat dishes, all of which sound delicious. Our seven included mac and cheese (absolutely massive!), spicy bean burgers, fishcakes, halloumi skewers with rainbow rice (I love rice and was so happy to see it on a menu), a meatball sub, and scallops with black pudding and bacon (something I will always order if it is on the menu). The standouts were definitely the fishcakes, hummus and the bean burgers.

Our Kitchen mac and cheese.jpg

Our Kitchen mac and cheese with sundried tomato

Our Kitchen bean burgers.jpg

Our Kitchen mini spicy bean burgers

Our Kitchen fish cakes.jpg

Our Kitchen oriental seasoned salmon fishcakes, coriander lime & chilli dip

Our Kitchen halloumi.jpg

Our Kitchen halloumi skewers with rainbow rice

Our Kitchen meatball sub.jpg

Our Kitchen mini Italian meatball sub

Our Kitchen scallops 2.jpg

Our Kitchen scallops, black pudding and crispy bacon on pea purée

Photo 20-12-2017, 20 34 11.jpg

Our Kitchen nachos (look at them!)

If you’re in town over the Christmas period and looking for somewhere new and different to try, I’d really recommend trying Our Kitchen. Not only is the food fantastic but the staff are really lovely and you will probably leave feeling slightly more virtuous!

Takeaway carrot cake.jpg

And finally, takeaway raw carrot cake!


If you would like to invite the Foodie Liverpool Eats team down to your restaurant, bar or eatery in or around Liverpool feel free to email us- foodieliverpooleats@gmail.com

Our Kitchen, Liverpool

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