The Florist, Liverpool

As I’m sure you know, the most Instagrammable bar/restaurant in Liverpool held its launch party on Saturday and we were lucky enough to be invited along to The Florist. 

Situated in the Old Blind School on Hardman Street, rubbing shoulders with the fantastic Oktopus and longtime favourite Buyers Club, The Florist offers not only a fantastic aesthetic but delicious cocktails, an amazing roast and lovely staff.

The millennial pink design lends itself well to the Instragrammers, Vloggers and Bloggers who were invited along on Saturday and Sunday, but don’t be fooled into thinking The Florist is all style and no substance. The cocktails are well designed, somehow delicate and robust (that’s code for strong) and the use of fresh flowers (am I meant to eat them? Because I did) in not only the drinks but the food too continue the floral experience.

Budvar tanks

Just enough Budvar…

The Florist Liverpool

The Florist Liverpool cocktails

The Florist Liverpool dining room

Gorgeous dining room

I was worried that the food at The Florist just wouldn’t live up to high expectations, but I needn’t have. We had the lamb and beef, with a side of cauliflower cheese (natch) and it was honestly excellent. Yorkshire puddings the size of your face, rich gravy and a nice healthy serving of golden roast potatoes, it’s definitely up there as one of the best roasts in Liverpool.

Roast lamb

Tasty roast lamb

The Florist roast beef

Delicious roast beef

Cauliflower cheese

Heaven aka cauliflower cheese

And to top it off, there was actual an actual floristry lesson where I made a jam jar posie and I couldn’t be more proud!


Such pride!

The Florist is open now, serving a range of delicious cocktails and culinary delights, including a selection of vegan, dairy free and non-gluten dishes.

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