Bread baking with Country Mile Kitchen

According to research (a quick Google search), 99% of households in the UK buy bread every week and for a long time, I was in that weird 1%. Not because I am carb-phobic, far from it, I love bread. I love bread so much that I didn’t trust myself to have any in the house lest I eat an entire loaf with a full pat of butter. In fact, I have only just allowed my boyfriend to buy us a toaster because toast is my absolute weakness. Bread to me is the ultimate comfort food and I have always been envious of friends who can just knock up a quick loaf- I am a terrible baker with no patience whatsoever, I can count on two hands the number of times I have attempted to bake a cake and count on one the times I have been successful!

I was overjoyed, therefore, to receive and email from Helen at Country Mile Kitchen, inviting me to try her full day bread baking course. Joined by the lovely Becky from EatLiverpool, off we went to try and find our inner Paul Hollywood.

Photo 16-02-2018, 11 03 50

Helen is a fantastic teacher who made the art of bread making seem incredibly easy, She talked us through hydration levels, different types of flour and shaping, as well as making us a delicious veggie lunch.

We made three types of bread; a white farmhouse loaf, a pain de campagne and a five strand plaited wholemeal (so professional looking!).

Photo 16-02-2018, 11 49 57


Photo 16-02-2018, 12 15 47


Photo 16-02-2018, 14 32 20

So professional!

Photo 16-02-2018, 15 23 56.jpg

Plaited loaf pre-bake

Genuinely delighted with how they look!

Photo 16-02-2018, 16 20 32.jpg

The baked plaited loaves

Not only was there bread, Helen also taught us how to make some tasty teatime treats including the best white choc chip cookies I have ever eaten. I have made these since and they are honestly so easy and so delicious.

Photo 16-02-2018, 15 33 42.jpg

White chocolate and cranberry cookies


Photo 16-02-2018, 16 14 49.jpg

Feeling incredibly proud, I left armed with three bags of bread and a determination to master the art of bread baking!

Country Mile Kitchen: Helen runs a variety of classes and will happily tailor the class to suit your group. Helen also offers a bread subscription service where she will hand deliver your bread straight to your front door (within a mile). All you need to do if arm yourself with butter and you’re good to go!

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